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Cyril The Squirrel – Illustrated by Alec Wills

New Book by Caroline Hall

Drawings by Alec Wills

As dusk fell, Squirrel settled down for the night, happy that his secret store would be safe until winter.

Cyril the Squirrel is busy making ready for the long hard winter ahead, only to find that his treasure store has been raided. He calls on his friends, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Deer and Peacock to help but the thief is very cunning.

Peacock finally hits on a clever plan to outsmart the rascal so that Squirrel can at last sleep happy, knowing that his winter store is safe.

Following up to the hugely successful Pimpernel The Peakcock childrens’ book, Caroline Hall has now published, Cyril The Squirrel where children, eveywhere, can follow his adventures.

Caroline Hall lives in Poole, Dorset. She likes to sail around the harbour, and in particular to Brownsea Isand, which is where the inspiration for CYRIL THE SQUIRREL and its sequel PIMPERNEL THE PEACOCK originated.

Alec Wills is married, with two stepchildren and three grand children. He likes to paint local scenes of Poole in water colour, which he exhibits in local galleries. He also draws cartoons and illustrations for national and local magazines.

Tom Scott’s Poole Days Published

Tom Scott’s Poole Days Published – Illustrations by Alec Wills


Tom Scott has been wishing to publish a book ‘one day’ all about his amusing memories of Old Poole, Dorset. 


After writing many articles for a number of publications, Tom’s new book, Tom’s Poole Days has been published by Marketing Bugle publications.

The illustrations have been provided by Alec Wills, local artist, also born in Poole and where Alec’s drawings really bring Tom Scott’s stories to life.

The book is available from Tom’s main book website: Tom Scott’s Poole Days​



Tom Scott is  married with a large family.

His boyhood education was spent at Hamworthy First School, beginning in 1935 followed by Henry Harbin, until the leaving age of fourteen.

A five year apprenticeship at J. Bolson as a Lofts man was next, until he was enlisted into the Royal Navy as a Shipwright.

It’s around this period that Tom Scott has chosen to select a few amusing situations that happened to him.


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Book Illustrated by Alec J. Wills

Christmas Card Drawings

Believe In Yourself

Butcher’s Shop Santa

Santa Roundabout

Three Wise Men

Viking, Bath & Eden by Alec Wills

Viking by Alec Wills

The Eden Project by Alec Wills

Bath by Alec Wills

Windows Frozen

Windows Are All Frozen by Alec Wills

Newspapers Are Old Hat

This Cartoon published in national magazine during 2012

Olympic Torch Comes Through Poole

Alec Wills Cartoon

Olympic Torch Over Twin Sails Bridge

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry by Alec J. Wills

Listening Shell Cartoon – Published in national magazine, Internet Marketing Secrets, during 2012

Rich Food by Alec Wills

Published in national magazine, Internet Marketing Secrets, during 2011

Listening Shell by Alec J. Wills

Listening Shell Cartoon – Published in national magazine,Internet Marketing Secrets,during 2011 During the ‘phone hacking scandal in the UK