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Get YOUR Site Working For YOUR Business

Martyn Brown Marketing Consultant

At first, offline businesses just needed a website, right?

Just as long as it looked nice, people would come, true?

You’re sure that at least SOME of your business MUST come via the business website, yes?

Well, don’t fall for all those ‘web-designer’ tactics any longer.  You really DON’T need to pay the earth for a website the can generate customer leads for you.

The problem with getting a website up and running, apart from paying all that money for it, is you’re just left with a ‘driftwood’ website that isn’t monetised in any way.

The solution is to build a site that WORKS for you online while you run your offline day to day business.

Your web presence needs to be monitored where your business is marketed constantly and the results should be measurable so you actually KNOW what’s working for you.

Gone are the days when a web site was all you needed.  Your web site needs to be marketed so that it shows up in search results and potential customers can find you.

Martyn Brown Marketing Consultants can help you here with knowledge of special techniques and strategies that get results fast.

When a person types in ‘Plumber Bournemouth’ for example and your plumbing business is in Bournemouth, they’re looking for YOU.  Wouldn’t it be nice it YOUR business was on the first page of the search engine results?  We can do that for you.

Our keyword research is very specialised which is used in conjunction with other unique and totally ‘white hat’ methods to get YOUR company profile boosted beyond belief.

Call the number or email above and contact Martyn Brown Marketing Consultant today to find out more.  Or simply fill in the form below. 

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